I read quite much, mostly (apocalyptic) science fiction or articles/books on buddhist and yogic philosophy.

I read so much in fact that I tend to forget titles and authors after a while. So here is this page, to help me discharge my memory. This list is far from complete but I'll keep updating it as I read new books or remember old ones :-)

1q84haruki murakami
Swan's songRobert McCammon
The strength of stonesGreg Beart
77 days in septemberRay Gorham
The hunger gameSuzanne Collins
Krishnamacharya, his life and his teachingsA.G. Mohan, Ganesh Mohan
Light on lifeB.K.S Iyengar
The simple living (summary)Janet Luhrs
The swarm, a novel of the deepFrank Schätzing
The kraken wakeJohn Wyndham
Darwin's childrenGreg Bear
Darwin's radioGreg Bear
The ChrysalidsJohn Wyndham
CovenantDean Crawford
The sand worms of DuneBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
The hunters of DuneBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
The passageJustin Cronin
The mote in god's eyeNivel & Pournelle
KameleontenJules Hardy
The long loud silenceWilson A. Tucker
The Death of GrassJohn Christopher
The GenocidesThomas M Disch
No och jagDelphine De Vigan
En lättfotad kvinnaJane Juska
World War ZMax Brooks
CrashlanderLarry Niven
Acts of godJames BeauSeigneur
Birth of an ageJames BeauSeigneur
In his imageJames BeauSeigneur
Reinventing your lifeJeffrey Young, Janet Klosko
After worlds collidePhilip Wylie, Edwin Balmer
When worlds collidePhilip Wylie, Edwin Balmer
Catastrophe planetKeith Laumer
EmergenceDavid R. Palmer
Tyst havIsabella Lövin
GreybeardBrian Aldiss
Fade-outPatrick Tilley
Eating animalsJonathan Saffran Foster
Last lightAlex Scarrow
AfterlightAles Scarrow
Confession of a Buddhist atheistStephen Batchelor
The spirit levelRichard Wilkinson, Kate Pickett
The anvil of starsGreg Bear
The forge of GodGreg Bear
FootfallLarry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
No LogoNaomi Klein
EnergitjuvarIngalill Roos
AftermathCharles Sheffield
StarfireCharles Sheffield
Factory GirlsLeslie Chang
On the beachNevil Shute
The roadCormac McCarthy
HammerfallLarry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
Night of the triffidsSimon Clark
RavagesRene Barjavel
The Far Shore of TimeFrederik Pohl
The Siege of EternityFrederik Pohl
The Other End of TimeFrederik Pohl
The doomsday bookConnie Willis
Annals of the HeecheeFrederik Pohl
Heechee RendezvousFrederik Pohl
Beyond the Blue Event HorizonFrederik Pohl
The Dream-Quest of Unknown KadathLovecraft
GatewayFrederik Pohl
ProtectorLarry Niven
EmpireOrson Scott Card
The Ringworld ThroneLarry Niven
The Ringworld EngineersLarry Niven
RingworldLarry Niven
This other edenBen Elton
Katedralen vid havetIldefonso Falcones
 2009 and earlier
Under the domeStephen King
CellStephen King
DödzoneStephen King
Children of the NightDan Simmons
EarthbornOrson Scott Card
EarthfallOrson Scott Card
The Ships of EarthOrson Scott Card
The Call of EarthOrson Scott Card
The Memory of EarthOrson Scott Card
Salem's lotStephen King
The standStephen King
Luftslottet som sprängdesStieg Larsson
Flickan som lekte med eldenStieg Larsson
Män som hatar kvinnorStieg Larsson
The Other WindUrsula LeGuin
TehanuUrsula LeGuin
The Farthest ShoreUrsula LeGuin
The Tombs of AtuanUrsula LeGuin
Wizard of EarthseaUrsula LeGuin
The TellingUrsula LeGuin
The Left Hand of DarknessUrsula LeGuin
City of IllusionsUrsula LeGuin
Rocannon's WorldUrsula LeGuin
The Word for World is ForestUrsula LeGuin
Planet of ExileUrsula LeGuin
The DispossessedUrsula LeGuin
The Rise of EndymionDan Simmons
EndymionDan Simmons
The Fall of HyperionDan Simmons
HyperionDan Simmons
Carrion ComfortDan Simmons
DuneFrank Herbert
Dune messiahFrank Herbert
Children of DuneFrank Herbert
God emperor of DuneFrank Herbert
Heretics of DuneFrank Herbert
Chapterhouse DuneFrank Herbert
The Eyes of HeisenbergFrank Herbert
Dune: House AtreidesBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: House HarkonnenBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: House CorrinoBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: The Butlerian JihadBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: The Machine CrusadeBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
Dune: The Battle of CorrinBrian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson
A Song of StoneIain Banks
Consider PhlebasIain Banks
The Player of GamesIain Banks
Use of WeaponsIain Banks
ExcessionIain Banks
De elva sammansvurnaAnn & Marianne Fredriksson
Japan sjunkerSakyo Komatsu
Memoirs of a GeishaArthur Golden
Earth abidesGeorge R. Stewart
I am legendRichard Matheson
Riket vid vägens slutJan Guillou
TempelriddarenJan Guillou
Vägen till JerusalemJan Guillou
OndskanJan Guillou
Madame TerrorJan Guillou
Fiendens fiendeJan Guillou
Tjuvarnas marknadJan Guillou