This is a mind map over stuff I read or listen about, mostly in the field of Zen and Theravada Buddhism. My main sources are IMC, Spirit Rocks,

Warning: work in progress!

The four noble truth:

  • The existence of suffering
  • The (creation|causes) of suffering
  • The possibility of ending suffering
  • The way to end it: the eightfold path

The noble eightfold path:

  • Right (View|Understanding): a view that transcends dualistic thinking.
    • Karma (translates as action/work): the ability to bend the motivation/intention behind our actions.
    • The three marks of existence (aka 3 dharma seals): impermanence (Anicca), (unsactisfactoriness/cessation of suffering (Dukkha), non self (Anatta: no permanent/separated self)
    • Diamond sutra, four illusionary frontiers:
      • notion of self ('I am' versus 'I inter-am')
      • notion of person/human (versus other species)
      • notion of living being (versus non-living beings)
      • notion of lifespan (notion of birth/death versus continuously changing manifestation).
    • Dependent co-arising: the interdependent, mutually created nature of all things.
    • Middle-way sutra: "Their understanding has not come to them through others; it is their own insight; This insight is called right view"
  • Right (Thinking|Intention):
    • Non violence (Ahimsa)
    • Loving-kindness (Metta):
      • Metta wishes mentioned in the Pali canon (src): wish beings to handle themselves skillfully, cherish your attitude of goodwill. As a matter of fact, we feed on each other, emotionally, for food, to satisfy needs and cravings... Metta is more about doing that with good will, skillfully to minimize harm.
    • Renunciation and ease
  • Right Action: the five precepts
  • Right Speech
    • Things to be mindful of while speaking (src)
      • Is it true?
      • Is it kind?
      • Is it usefull?
      • Is it timely?
      • (Does it bring people together?)
    • Stay connected to your body while talking: gives hints on what's happening within the mind
  • Right Livelihood
  • Right (Diligence|Effort)
  • Right Mindfulness
  • Right Concentration

The seven factors of awakening (src):

  • Equanimity: "non-reactive, balanced awareness" (src)
  • Tranquility
  • Mindfulness (sati)
  • Concentration
  • Investigation
  • Energy
  • Joy

Buddhist Poetry


Radical acceptance: "the space that accepts is a loving space".

Wabi-sabi: beauty defined as imperfect, impermanent and incomplete (src).

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